Dana Pierre – Bio

Dana is a San Francisco Bay Area-based British screenwriter/filmmaker and a mother of two, with a BA in Media and Cultural Studies. As an undergraduate, she realized her passion for writing. Many of her early pieces were based on real-life events, particularly those involving her Czech and Kenyan heritage. These include living through a political coup and being involuntarily caught up in a politically motivated riot amidst tear gas in Nairobi. Initially, these experiences inspired her to write short prose pieces and later screenplays. She is also a TV writer, having written an episode for an Independent TV show, currently still in development. Dana primarily writes character-driven dramas featuring strong female leads. She has written screenplays and short stories which have placed in contests both in the UK and USA. One of her historical thrillers has been optioned by a British producer who has been associated with the BBC and BAFTA. As well as writing fiction, Dana bases her dramas on real-life events and particularly enjoys writing historical thrillers.

Dana completed her first film, do don’t destiny, as co-producer and co-director. She jointly collaborated on the film’s story with her writing partners G Rockk and Kate Nowakowski and took on the role of cameraperson. This was their first short filmed entirely on an iPhone 5s. Circus Girl is Dana’s second short iPhone film in which she worked solo as crew – she is the writer, director and cameraperson. She took on this film project solo due to the spontaneous schedule of shooting it ‘as and when’ while juggling her day job and raising two children. She looks forward to working on future projects collaborating with fellow creatives.

Dana Pierre

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